Grandparent and Relative Adoptions

Relative and Grandparent Adoptions

Many times, a relative assumes the responsibility for a child and then wants legal authority to make decisions for the child (medical, educational, etc).  Although guardianship is an option, it is often more effective to seek the permanent solution of adoption.  Adoption is a good solution if the parent(s) are unable or unwilling to parent.

Our adoption law firm can provide the legal guidance needed to help grandparent or relatives adopt their grandchild, niece or nephew, etc.  Usually the parents need to consent to the adoption but not in all circumstances.  We can assess your case and let you know our opinion as to the likelihood of success with or without the consent of the parents.

Cost of a grandparent or relative adoption: 

The cost of an adoption depends on the complexities of the case.  When parents consent to the adoption, which we call an uncontested adoption, the cost is much less and sometimes free depending on whether or not state assistance is available.

Consented adoptions where the parents do not consent can be more expenses.  However, there are State and Federal tax credits available.