Domestic Newborn/Infant Adoptions


In conjunction with our partnering adoption agency, Heartland Adoption Agency, Berry & Domer can help you expand your family with a newborn or infant adoption. We handle all of the legal work necessary to complete a newborn and infant adoption.  Most importantly, we can help make the adoption process as easy and painless as possible.

Already matched with a birth mother?

Indiana requires attorneys to file all adoptions in the State of Indiana.  Consequently, we can complete your newborn or infant adoption, if you have been matched or have found a birth mother.  We can file the adoption petition and obtain all necessary consents and other documents to complete your adoption.  Please call or text our firm at (812) 336-8300 to schedule a consultation.

Are you looking to adopt a newborn or infant and don’t know where to start?

To inquire about being placed on an adoption wait list and to learn more about the process and cost of adopting a newborn or infant, please contact Heartland Adoption Agency at (812) 355-5437 or visit the website at

We have completed newborn and infant adoptions for single parents, gay and lesbian couples, non-married couples, families with and without children and Mennonite and Amish couples.  Our adoptive parents are from all over Indiana and across the United States.