Birth Mothers- We are here to help

Birth mother- If you are pregnant and considering adoption, please contact call or text our office at 812-336-8300 or text our confidential phone line at 812-322-6221 or visit Heartland Adoption Agency, LCPA .

There are many situations that lead to pregnancy.

Many of these situations include drug addictions, homelessness, unemployment, rape or domestic violence, financial instability, bad timing, DCS involvement and mistake.  There are many families in Indiana and the United States that wish to adopt a child.  Many of the families are willing to adopt a child that has been exposed to drugs prior to birth with minimal pre-natal care.  Many families will also adopt a child that is not a newborn.  We place many infants with drug exposure.

What is the importance of an adoption plan for a birth mother?

We help birth mothers make an adoption plan.  An adoption plan is very important in that it can circumvent the involvement of the Department of Child Services at the hospital.  This is especially true if the birth mother has a drug addiction or prior DCS involvement.  An adoption plan empowers birth mothers and notifies the hospital and DCS that an adoption is pending.

What happens after the adoption plan?

You usually meet the adoptive parents prior to the birth of your child.  This is not required but is usually the wish of the birth mother.  You may choose the adoptive families.  Most of our adoption are open adoptions with the birth mother receiving update from the adopting family.   Open adoption contact is determined between you and the adopting family.

Who are the adopting parents?

Our adopting parents come from Indiana and all over the United States.  There is no requirement that an Indiana birth mother has to place her child with a family in Indiana.   We have placed children all over Indiana and in Texas, Illinois, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas and Alabama.

What about the dad?

A birth mother does not need to disclose the name of the father is Indiana.  In most cases, birth fathers do not need to be informed of the adoption.  Indiana has a very firm and strict statute on the rights of fathers. Unless the father is a legal father (a father that is married to the birth mother), Fathers must preserve their own rights.

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