Considering Adoption? FAQs

Can an adoptive family financially help me during my pregnancy?

Yes, adoptive parents may financial assist birth mothers starting with the birth mother’s second trimester of pregnancy until after the birth of the child.

Do I get to choose the adoptive parents?


How will my medical expense be paid?

Adoptive parent may be able to pay your medical expenses but birth mother are encouraged to apply for pregnancy medicaid.

What is the difference between an open and closed adoption.

In closed adoptions there is no contact with the adoptive parents or child after the consent for adoption has been signed.

In an open adoption, some contact is allowed and negotiated between the adoptive parents and birth mother.  Sometimes everyone agrees to annual pictures from the adoptive parents to the birth mother, other times physical contact is actually allowed.

Can a family member (parent, sibling, etc.) adopt my child with me keeping my parental rights?

Under Indiana law this is possible.  However, if you are involved with the Department of Child Services regarding other children, this may not be possible.  All adoptive parents have to pass background checks and often home studies are required.

Do I get a lawyer to represent me?

Yes, if you wish to have a lawyer represent you, the fees may be paid by the adoptive parents.

How do I keep the Department of Child Services from interfering with my pregnancy?

Establishing a written adoption plan and choosing an adoptive family is the best way to keep DCS from getting involved with your child.

How do I keep the father from finding out?

A birth mother is not obligated to disclose the name of the father, if she is not married.  A “father” must preserve his own rights by following Indiana law.

Does the father have to consent to the adoption.

The father will need to consent to the adoption if you are married.  It is not necessary for the father to consent if he has not preserved his rights pursuant to Indiana law, if you are not married to the father.  However, if the father is willing to sign a consent we prefer to have him sign the consent before the baby is born.

I want to keep my baby but cannot take care of it right now, what do I do?

You may be able to set up a guardianship with family.