Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which the parties have agreed upon all issues including the child

related issues of custody, parenting time, child support, tax exemption allocation, medical insurance

and uninsured medical expenses for the children, and property division issues of real estate, retirement

accounts, bank accounts, vehicles, stocks, investments, and all debts, mortgages, student loans, etc.

The fee for an uncontested divorce is $500.00 plus the filing fee ($156.00 in Monroe County). There may

be an additional fee ($50.00 per person) for attendance at the COPE seminar if there are children of the


When I am hired for an uncontested divorce I represent only one of the parties. I draft all the necessary

documents including the petition for dissolution of marriage, summons, appearance, family law

information form and the settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is generally drafted after

the petition for dissolution of marriage has been filed. In Indiana, parties cannot be divorced until 60

days after the petition for dissolution is filed. The signed settlement agreement is generally filed with

the court before the expiration of the 60 day time period so that the court can then issue the

Decree of Marriage Dissolution on the 60th day.

No court hearings are necessary if the parties sign a settlement agreement that resolves all issues of

their divorce.