Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a confidential agreement process that is facilitated by a neutral mediator. Its purpose is to help people work together to resolve disagreements and reach mutually acceptable solutions without the need for a formal hearing before a Judge. Mediation is not about deciding who is right or wrong, but rather attempts to help the parties communicate effectively and come to agreements that they are willing to uphold. FRANCIS & BERRY DOMER is happy to act as mediator and expedite a peaceful and painless agreement process for both parties involved in divorce, post divorce, paternity, custody, and much more.

In mediation, the parties have control over the outcome, and no one is forced to sign anything if they do not agree to the terms.  In mediation the parties and the mediator can be creative with their agreements and reach agreements which are beyond the ability of the Judge in some instances.

Parties are welcome to bring their own attorneys to mediation if it helps them feel more comfortable with the process. Mediation can result in a signed agreement that is legally binding, and your attorney can play an important role by clarifying any legal issues before signing. We are more than willing to work closely with the parties’ attorneys to draft  agreeable settlement.


1. Generally lower cost than litigation;

2. Non-adversarial focus;

3. The ability to keep the process private and confidential

4. Creative solutions;

5. Less stress on parents and children when agreements are reached;

6. Mediation can be scheduled and resolved faster than litigation.

7. If an agreement is reached in mediation, it is generally binding when signed.

If parties cannot reach an agreement in mediation, they are free to pursue more formalized methods of dispute resolution through the court. It is important to note that your mediator cannot be called to testify in court if you choose to litigate after mediation.

Both Michelle Berry Domer and Donald W. Francis, Jr. are certified family law mediators.