Paternity actions seek to answer the question, “Who is the father?” These actions can be brought by either the mother or a potential (putative) father. Whether you are an assumed father being sued for paternity; a mother seeking to establish paternity of your child; or a father wanting to establish parental rights, you can feel confident about choosing FRANCIS & BERRY DOMER to represent you.

When paternity is established, fathers will have access to the child and may also be obligated to pay child support. DNA testing is used to determine the probability that the man in question is the father of the child. New child custody and parenting time agreements will reflect Father’s  newfound parental status. Our law firm will help you throughout the paternity proceedings and will handle any legal issues that arise during and after.

A paternity action establishes a father’s legal relationship with his child, but it can enrich both lives. Our law firm provides legal help to mothers and fathers in this complex issue.

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